Islands in the Stream

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In Islands in the Stream Ernest Hemingway tells the story of an artist and adventurer named Thomas Hudson, who lives on Bimini. Early in the first chapter he says this about Hudson:

“He knew too what it was to live through a hurricane with the other people of the island and the bond that the hurricane made between all people who had been through it.”

Today, virtual communities like Facebook allow all of us to follow storms like Irma, as they unleash their apocalyptic fury on others, including friends and family.

While many of us will never experience the unimaginable pain, suffering, anguish, loss, uncertainty, and desperation of those who experience a horrific calamity like Irma first hand, I see and feel the bond Hemingway writes about in Hudson in the people who follow this page, and others like it. I hope these bonds translate into a willingness to help rebuild our islands in the stream.

Hurricanes don’t discriminate. Please consider helping any way you can.

Here are some links to get you started …


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